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When it comes to Famous logos-simplicity, my friend, is the best policy

Friday, November 13, 2009

Simplicity is the best policy. Yeah it’s hard to believe but pick on any famous logo and you’ll see how the simple ones are the famous ones too. As apparent as it can be the Nike Swoosh or Mac Donald’s “M” may invite many intellectual interpretations and logo rationales but the truth is it is as simple as any message can be framed.

In fact it is an effort on every professional logo designer’s part to pour in all their energies in the famous logo as to make it look simple and as natural as the first impulse.

Here are the examples of few very simple famous logos that work like a stamp. No matter how simple they may appear they have good thinking time invested in them.

Look at this I love New York famous logo for instance; it may appear simple with the message clearly displayed in acronyms. The heart of course representing love and NY stands for New York. This logo was developed to promote tourism in New York and not much needs to be said about the success of it. This famous logo is recognized worldwide in all continents alike. Owing to its simple design it’s easy to remember and recreate.

Here some new logos that follow the same principle of simplicity and it’s very easy to gauge whether they are still able to retain your attention as an audience or not.

This simple yet memorable famous logo is representation of a good famous logo, with an interesting play with typography making the name self explanatory. Though simple the playing dead killed “I” is interesting for the beholder no matter who the target audience may be. This famous logo can be easily marked as being very simple, very representative and highly effective.

This famous logo doesn’t even need much explanation. With the growing awareness of psychological disorders everybody is aware of Schizophrenic condition of drastic mood swings and mood disorder. You can see that very aptly framed by a curve with the two colons on the either side. One showing smile and the same curve transcending into a sad face. Clearly bringing out, the thin line between the two absurdly swinging moods of a schizophrenic. The retention of this famous logo and the organization named “Schizophrenic”, is undoubtedly high.

Here is another interesting example of a famous logo playing with the typography to convey an idea vividly. Meaning of the word depicted with the c shaped like a question mark. Also you will see in this famous logo the phonic sound of “Qurious” being represented by the “q” shaped “c”. “Q” again being representative of question. The font chosen is scholarly and appears to bring forth a literary impression.

Here is another example of “talk more” famous logo design with the simple text cleverly articulating the message .The “a” and “e” cleverly replaced by quotation marks. The orientation of quotation marks directed at the absolute opposite sides depicting openness and infinity. Thus the speech quotations that bound a line or conversation is now free for its limitation of quotation marks with the power to talk freely with no finite boundary to adapt itself to. The simple typo in this famous logo also shows freedom from the complexities of the calling charging systems.

This famous logo is another interesting simple logo that incorporates the text candy along with the associated image of a young girl and a smiling face with incomplete set of teeth. With “a” and “d” shaped like by two eyes “n” like nose and “y” to make a curvy smile. The font chosen is exuberant and lively. Don’t you think this famous logo is effective and easy to retain?

As Robert Gunning puts it “It is simple to be complicated but it’s very complicated to be simple”


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