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Logos of Indian Premier League- Pick the Best One Out!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) Logo

After the inauguration of the most famous twenty-twenty cricket extravaganza in 2008, the world is compelled by their organization and powerful marketing, which brings them the ultimate success in the turnaround of millions of dollars.

The extreme logo designs are the most prominent features of the DLF IPL teams, here I am giving you a brief review of these fashion oriented famous logo designs, and how these logo designs became the emblem of every braded team.

Here is the IPL team logos arranged in an alphabetical order:

Bangalore Royal Challengers Logo

The logo design of the Bangalore-based cricket franchise brand is a simple and elegant design consisting of the initials “RC” written in gold color in a classical typeface, and encircled by the team name with the crest of McDowell Royal Challengers, the top-selling liquor brand of Vijay Mallya – the company and the team owner.

Chennai Super Kings Logo
The Chennai Super Kings logo features the head of a lion in orange/gold color with the team name typeset in the whitespace available at the side of the lion’s head. The inspiration behind it is the belief that the lion is the king of the jungle. The minimalist approach (thin lines, sharp corners) signifies youth and vibrancy. On the other hand, the heavy lettering signifies a solid performance orientation.

Deccan Chargers Logo
The logo design of the team is representing the state of Deccan. The logotype elements such as the crest, stripes and a serif font set employed intelligently to form a contemporary logo design which genetically relates with logos design of European football teams. The slogan of the team “The Unstoppables”, written in a non-serif typeface, forms a tagline just below the crest.

Delhi Daredevils Logo
The logo design of the Delhi Daredevils is featuring a Firry cricket ball pacing with the motive of Going Ballistic. Its tail is assigned by the team name showing the fire fear spirit. The famous logo design is a hefty inspiration of Grunge Art.

Kings XI Punjab Logo
The famous logo design of the Kings XI Punjab is the classic product of the old kingdom logo designs. The logo design consists of a shield on which the name of team and two lion faces are planted beautifully. Bold fonts and block letters are used. The crest epitomizes pride, valor and the mark of a winner.

Kolkata Knight Riders Logo

The most famous team because the owner is Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan. The Logo design of the team from the eastern city of Kolkata features an angled and blazing golden-colored Viking helmet against a black backdrop. The team name “Kolkata Knight Riders” is decorated in gold color alongside the graphic in a highly stylized custom-designed typeface.

Mumbai Indians Logo

The Mumbai Indians logo is a modern, contemporary sports team logo featuring a rotating Sudarshana Chakra , Sudarshana Chakra is a sharp-edged weapon predominantly used by the god Vishnu in Hindu Mythology. The orange and green colors are taken from the Indian national flag and point to the “Indians” part of the cricket team’s name.

Rajasthan Royals Logo
The famous logo design of Rajasthan Royals bears a style, the eventual winners of the inaugural IPL league, is a classical, blue and gold-colored logo design which is featuring lions reflecting royalty, might and raw power and the long horns, which are historically associated with the Rajputs.

So which cricket team among these do you think has the best logo?


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