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Batman Logo: the Symbol Says all about the Powers of a Super Hero

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Batman logo could be said as one of the most recognized logos among all comic super heroes after superman logo. The logo consists of the classic spread winged bat within a yellow oval. This symbol used in the original comic book, the original television series and the first two Batman movies.

The contemporary Batman logo was brought in a third movie on his chest. The style of a logo was same but it was without the yellow oval shape.

The forth movie came with a new character called robin. Logos of the both, the Batman and the robin, created the grabbing effect over the audience. Several animated cartoon series of the Batman have been telecasted on the television over the several years.

The logo of the forth movie of Batman was quite similar to the original logo in animated Batman series, but it was without the yellow oval, which makes it a more powerful emblem. This logo was also very similar to the logo in justice league animated series.

Consequently, a completely different Batman symbol appeared in another animated movie, called Batman Beyond. This logo was shown on his chest included with a red wider and pointer bat. Lately, a new style of Batman logo has emerged in a new series of Batman Movies. This symbol is fully black, and only outline of the symbol can be seen on his chest. This was again an innovative symbol.

Apart from the conventional Batman logo, which contains a bat, the character also has trademark symbols containing the face of the dark night spelt out with his name. The logo for merchandise comes with some transformation to make it up to date with time along with classic looks on the other hand. This logo design has been added with simple blue flames.


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