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Awesome Animal Logo Ideas– The Perfect Iconic Representation for Your Business

Monday, October 31, 2011

Use of creatures has become very common in business icons now. It has become a very successful symbolic representation for groups, teams, businesses, and even individuals. Wrestling, football, skiing, etc. are some of those games where I have seen the use of creatures very much. People want to represent speed, or strength using free animal logo.

The most common illustrations of fauna and birds are: cheetah, bull, lion, hawk, wolf, dog, shark, snake, tiger, owl, humming bird, dove, swan, cat, mouse, and dragon. You can use any one of these to make your brand mark more interesting.

But before starting, there are a certain things that you should know and remember. The creature you have selected should be relevant to your nature, or to the nature of the business. The attributes of the creature should reflect the characteristics or features of the individual and the company. Just one look should be enough to tell the customer about what the company identity symbol is about. Like if your business is related to water, you can use any aquatic creature, for example, and octopus, any kind of fish, a shark, a dolphin, or a seal. But, if your business is related to land, and you want to depict strength and speed, then you can use creatures like horse, leopard, cheetah, etc. those fauna that are characteristic of strength and speed.

But if you are new to this field and don’t have many animal logo ideas, you always have a better option – hire a professional designer! If you have never designed a business icon before and you are worried that if you design yourself, your symbol might become a laughing stock, than leave the task in the hands of the experts. They will study your design and the audience, and then design your business icon accordingly.

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Give Your Company a New Look by Applying Wild Animal Logo

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The grand use of wild animal logo has always amused me, the way they are applied to indicate different feelings and sentiments. It seems like the symbol is actually communicating with the client or the purchaser. They keep the spectators enthralled and occupied in thoughts.
Following are two of the faunas normally used in brand promotion. Let me tell you how they carry out the difficult assignment of a symbol.


Devious, venomous and wicked, this reptile is perfect to bring about your opponents’ deepest qualms and worries. Also symbolizing elegance, wisdom and enticement, you can use this fauna in your company illustrative if your business is related to inspiration and modernism. For instance, for a women’s fashion line, you can use an illustration of a snake swirling through the corporation title or a jeweler can use it with a diamond on its head.


Feared for its violence, unfriendliness and power, this fauna never fails to frighten its viewers. An image of a red eyed and rampant bull with its nostrils flaring can frighten the living day lights out of all. This is the wonderful choice for a band mark representation if you are creating a design for a sports group, a beverage business or a bar.

The universal illustration of an animal logo BMX is a perfect example of application of fauna in the brand mark.


A shark is almost certainly the most feared fauna in the world appreciation to the movie Jaws. A rightly designed illustration of a shark in your corporation brand mark can tell its audience that you mean only trade and no fun. Severe competition exists in the market; a shark is the greatest way to represent belligerence, violence and irritation which can be great if you are trying to threaten a rival sports team.

Hence, why waste words when you can send the same message of dominance and confidence through your fauna symbols.

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The Most Effective Way of Promoting Architecture Business through Architecture Logo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before establishing a widespread business, there are certain important steps that are required to make your way through the crowd successfully and unscathed. For that you require such advertising strategies that reach out to your potential customers and bring them to you.

Architecture logo is the only efficient method of advertising and promoting your service that will reach out to your customers, or clients, directly and communicate your qualities to them. This is the only way to make permanent impression in the minds of potential clients, so that even if they forget the name of the company, or agency, they can easily recall your business icon. In this way, they will easily be lead to you.

To make your brand mark easy to remember, you must make sure that your design is simple and relates to the business as much as possible. It should be able to project professionalism to the target audience. Only then will interest be developed in their minds, and they will come asking about your services.

If you are a do it yourself type, and you want to draft your design on your own, then you will have to be very thorough in your research. You will have to collect every type of information regarding your business, and then you will be able to relate the nature of your business with your art work. You will also have to study your target audience. Try to find out what are their expectations, how do they perceive this business, and what quality of service do they prefer.

How to tell the clients that you are trustworthy and are suitable for their project? This will happen through the making of business icon image. If your Architecture logo design is creative and innovative, the customer will get a good impression from your emblem, and ultimately will believe that you are the right place for them.

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