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Nike And Puma Logos That Shook The World With A Controvery

Saturday, April 24, 2010

When Nike launched their new Shoe design in April 1997, world got stunned. Not because it was a great pair of shoes but it had “ALLAH” written on it!

The Controversy began when CAIR objected to a shoe with a design on the heel analogous to the Arabic word for "God" or "Allah."

Many people protested against Nike and pressurized them to withdraw their product from the market or they will ban the entire product line of Nike. According to Muslims Nike tried to abuse Islam by putting Allah’s name on their shoes. Let’s take a look at the shoe and its logo:

Now look at this image in which you can see “Allah” written in Arabic language:

Do you see the similarities? Well, if you ask me that I can see the similarities or not? Quite frankly, I see a lot of them.

Now take a look at the Puma shoe that came out in the market with a similar case to Nike:

If we were to defend Puma for this allegation I would say that this WORD on the shoe isn’t an Arabic word but is of English saying “cool”, because just below the Blue circle you can see the word “you’re” which has an open “O” just like the WORD cool has( or word “Allah” has if we assume ). However, I will leave the decision on you.

This is not the first controversy that held its head, but there have been many just like the Coca Cola where people said that when you look at the Coca Cola logo in the mirror, what you will read is: LA MOHAMMED LA MECCA (in Arabic language), which means NO MUHAMMED, NO MECCA. However it’s not cleared yet whether it was just a controversy or Coca Cola company intentionality made what came out.

Coming back to the topic, Nike has withdrawn this divisive shoe from the market but people won’t forget this incident because it’s related to a very sensitive issue that could bring some serious consequences.

Being a human, I believe that we should respect all of the religions and should not cross our limits. If they aren’t making trouble for us, why should WE? What do you think?

Pro Wrestling Programs And Their Powerful Logos (PART 1)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pro wrestling is all about style and strong attitude. Whether it is the TNA, ROH or WCW, all of the pro wrestling companies put their high-altitude efforts on bringing top notch entertainment to the viewers of wrestling all over the world. Maybe you are wondering why I did not mention the biggest name of wrestling world that is WWE. This is because of the fact that the WWE is not a pro wrestling anymore and based on storylines and highly focused on characterizations of wrestlers (who are more actors rather than wrestlers) which is why it is now called World wrestling “entertainment”.

At the other hand, companies like TNA (Total nonstop action) and ROH (Ring of Honor) are totally based on hardcore fighting and are allowed to use various fighting weapons such as steel chairs, barbed wires, ring steps and more, which is why people are more appealed towards these shows rather than the WWE these days.

When we talk about the wrestling logos, one thing that is common in every wrestling logo is the style and tough look, which can be seen in all of the logos below. However, I would like to mention here that the logos I’m going to show you below, some of them are associated with such companies which are not under operations anymore;

TNA (Total Non Stop Action): one can easily feel the energy from the red color and the edgy type fonts which are tilted sideways in a nice manner. A nice logo of a cracking wrestling program which is working days and nights to compete against their biggest business rival “WWE”.

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling): ECW was previously a highly rated wrestling program because of its free style wrestling rules (in fact there were no rules at all). Looking at its content, the logo is made with the unforgiving barbed wires around the ECW type fonts. A really commendable logo, really close to the meaning of the company.

NWO (New World Order): Established by the legends of wrestling world; Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, NWO was basically a professional wrestling stable that originally wrestled for WCW, and was not a TV program itself. The stable's gimmick was a group of unsanctioned wrestlers aiming to "take over" and control WCW in the manner of a street gang, which can be easily seen by this logo’s Type fonts and shibboleth.Team NWO is currently participating as “The Band” in Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

To be continued…

THE NEW MSN LOGO: Any idea where the butterfly is heading?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Msn logo is linked to my earliest memories as it was associated with the first chatting software that I started to use, called Msn messenger. Also, I remember getting redirected to Msn when signing out from But what else it associates to? Frankly speaking;

As an expectation, Msn was supposed to continue being a part of our social networking activities and to grow up more and more as the technology was going sky high but it didn’t make up to the expectations, and totally lost in the crowed of “upcoming” social networking websites and softwares. Why? Because Msn did not bother to follow up the trends and stuck with the same “I am good” ego.

“Msn was among the Microsoft units hit by companywide layoffs earlier this year, but things have stabilized, I wouldn't say we are growing headcount, but we aren't reducing.” said by MSN general manager Bob Visse himself. What else you expect when a responsible person like Bob Visse is aware of the declination of his company and not taking any actions about making the services better, would he work out on the Msn logo? I don’t think so.

Now talking about their logo, for many years the team of Msn was not in a mood to modify or change it but suddenly they came up with the new logo. As a result, the new Msn logo became a part of criticism by masses as it didn’t lived up to the expectations. In fact, some critics call it a disaster. There are many reasons behind their comments. The foremost reason is the new logo’s type font. The new Msn font looks so skinny compared to the older one with new “gray” color that looks ill to many people.

The other most debatable thing about the Msn logo’s type font is the stems in “m” and “n” which are absurdly short. Why the stems of M and N are too short? Maybe we should ask this to the designer of Msn logo. After the main type fonts, now comes the “TM” part. Can you actually see where it is? No? Look again. Now tell frankly, can you see it? I know, by looking so hard, right! Consequently, the minimal size of the TM letters goes into the negative section of the critique.

Lastly, the butterfly! In the new Msn logo, all we can see now are the wings of a butterfly (which as an edition) look like spotlights more than the butterfly wings. And hey, where did the butterfly’s main body go? Silly, isn’t it?

As an overall package, Msn logo came out as an awful version of the successful old Msn logo.

Spider-Man Logo – The Most Popular Logo Design of 21st Century

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Article title: Spider-Man Logo – The Most Popular Logo Design of 21st Century

Publishing date: November 11th, 2009

Have you ever wondered what is behind the Logo of the spider man? Well, Let us tell you. The Famous logo of Spiderman was conjointly designed by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Spiderman logo has always been featured on the chest of the traditional “red and blue” Spiderman costume.

The Spiderman logo can unambiguously represent the Spiderman personality. It is an artistic image of Spiderman’s speed, agility, attitude, intelligence, and his power to weave spider web.

In the article “spider-man logo”, you can read about the history of Spiderman logo design and the different color transformations that were made as the new Spiderman series parts arrived and how the Spiderman logo became so successful. There is much more in this article for you. You may read this informative article here.