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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google’s Valentine Day Logos

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google celebrates almost all events with its visitors; we have gathered a collection of past 10 years Valentine’s Day Logo Designs of Google.

Let’s have a look how romantic Google has been in past 10 years ;)

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2009

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2008

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2007

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2005

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2004

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2003

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2001

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2000

Ferrari Logo - A Symbol of Speed

Monday, February 1, 2010

All racing fans are well aware of the black horse prancing symbol with a yellow background towards it. After seeing the symbol, racing fans can easily recognized that the prancing horse characterizes the famous brand “Ferrari”. Letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ in the logo design refers to the famous sports car “Scuderia Ferrari”.

History of logo belongs to Count Francesco Barraca, a fighter pilot of the Italian Air force who died fighting fearlessly during the 1st world war first used the prancing horse symbol at the sides of his plane. On June 17th, 1923 Enzo Ferrari won a race at Savio track in Ravenna where he met Barraca’s mother ‘Countess Paolina’. Countess Paolina suggested Enzo Ferrari to use the prancing horse symbol on his car; it will bring him a good luck at race events. Scuderia let him used the prancing horse symbol at SPA 24 hours in 1932 where Ferrari won; then Ferrari left the black horse prancing symbol on his car and added a yellow background to it because it was the symbolic colour of Barraca’s birth place(Modena).

No doubt, Ferrari logo has credible image among racers mind.