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New US defense logo Controversy: Is it a symbolization of the Islamic crescent? Or a threat to Obama Government? (Part 2)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let’s continue our trial to uncover the subliminal elements that are behind the Us defense logo according to the critics.

As mentioned in the previous part of this article, the US defense logo was designed by the TMP Government, a marketing company that manages the websites for numerous Governmental departments. Although this particular design has caught the eyes of critics, but despite of the criticisms and controversies, Collins (The designer of the US defense logo) denied about all the claims that TMP Government had in mind when they produced the governmental branding.

"I wouldn't buy the argument that it's an evolution of the Obama identity," Collins said. "There are similarities but I don't see the genesis in the Obama logo."

The US defense logo caught into controversies because of many reasons, one of them is the circular red, white and blue sign, which has also been compared to the communist hammer and sickle symbol, first appeared on the Missile Defense Agency’s website in the autumn.

The hammer and sickle is a part of communist symbolism and its usage indicates an association with Communism, a Communist party, or a Communist state. It features a hammer and a sickle overlapping each other. The two tools are symbols of the industrial proletariat and the peasantry; placing them together symbolizes the unity between industrial and agricultural workers. This emblem was made during the Bolshevik Revolution.

The hammer and sickle symbol is best known for having been incorporated into the red flag of the Soviet Union, along with the Red Star. It has also been used in other flags and emblems. The symbol is currently outlawed in several countries as a symbol of communism and Soviet occupations.

But Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, dismissed the comparisons. "It's ridiculous," he told Fox News. "It isn't a new logo to replace the official logo. It's a logo developed for recruiting materials and for our public website. Also, it was used prior to the 2008 election and it has no link to any political campaign."

Brian Collins, chairman and chief creative officer at COLLINS, a New York-based design and innovation firm, said the new logo used the "same visual language" as that of the Obama campaign, complete with two circles and three stripes.

"The Obama logo is filled with messages of hope, it's about looking toward an optimistic future," he said. "They've taken those exact elements and they've made them more technical."

The debate about Controversial US defense logo which is being compared to Islamic crescent is endless, and it is really hard to make a conclusion whether the US defense logo unconsciously sends a message that caught the sight of the critics, or there is really a hidden message behind the US defense logo about Obama’s secret evolution!!!

New US Defense Logo Controversy: Is It A Symbolization Of The Islamic Crescent? Or A Threat To Obama Government? (Part 1)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

History has witnessed many logos which were somehow related to controversies. US defense logo is one of them. TMP Government, a marketing company that manages websites for numerous Governmental departments-designed the new US defense logo which caught the eyes of critics of the Obama administration.

The new US defense logo likened to Barrack Obama’s campaign symbol as well as resembling the Islamic flag. According to some people it is apparent that Obama has surrounded himself with socialists/Marxists, as this logo looks eerily like communist propaganda, but the “O” is in place of his picture.

According to the designers, the US defense logo is excerpted from Obama’s campaigning logo, but critiques are critiques, they say that the new Missile Defense Agency logo resembles an Islamic flag’s star & crescent. According to them the logo possesses SECRET OBAMA AGENDA!

Now let’s take a look at Barack Obama’s campaign logo, designed by Sender LLC.

Before I continue with this controversial debate I would like to put a spotlight on the background of Obama’s campaign logo so you can get the clear picture of Obama’s logo message and theme.

Obama’s campaign logo is a great piece of unique artwork, and this entire controversy just ruined the magnificence of the logo. The logo possesses many meaningful qualities which I would like to define in the next lines;

• The O represents Obama and he can use the logo without his name next to it. He’s claiming the O as George W. Bush claimed the W.

• The blue O and the red stripes represent the flag of USA.

• The red stripes represent the plains, the American farmland.

• The O’s whitespace represents the sun, shining over the plains. Because it’s white, it evokes sunrise, not sunset.

So, what the logo is trying to say is that there’s a new morning sun (of hope and change) rising over America, and that Obama is the part of that revolution. I don’t think you can find that level of significance in any other logo, campaign or corporate. The designer of this logo says himself;

"We were looking at the “o” of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day,” Sender continues. “The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope. The design expression was so constrained and so bland for so many years in politics. I think we had a fresh approach because we’d never worked on a campaign before” — and, of course, the power of the logo had a lot to do with the power of the candidate’s message. Source

On the other hand, those who are really conservative, point out that the MDA logo has a strange resemblance to the crescent and star sign that symbolizes Islam, and also that the logo has a strange resemblance to the design of the Iranian Space Agency.

Strange, right! In the next part of this article I’ll continue the debate from where I am leaving.

To discover the obscure elements and the connection between US defense logo, Crescent sign and the Iranian space agency logo visit back in few days.

To be continued…

Did Google buzz plagiarize Uno's logo?

Friday, March 12, 2010

The title of this article surprised you? Well, it is indeed an issue to be surprised. The entire THING about Google and Uno came to my mind all of a sudden when I came back home last night and saw my kids playing Uno. As I was aware of Google buzz services, I got really stunned when my eyes met the logo on one of the cards that were held in my younger kid’s hand, it just looked like the Google buzz logo at the very first sight!!!

As a kid, I always loved playing Uno with my friends and siblings but as I grew up I totally forgot its logo, but at this time I had a flash back which made me realize how much Uno’s logo resembled the Google buzz logo!

The very first thing that makes you think that Google buzz logo is a copy of the Uno logo is its colors. The colors; red, blue, yellow and green are the same colors which are used in Uno’s logo only with a slight difference in the arrangement. And the speech bubble closely resembles the Uno’s logo circle. Is it just a co-incidence or Google deliberately picked up Uno’s logo to use for their brand endorsement?

Google launched Google buzz in the beginning of 2010 for the purpose of social media networking, where as the card game Uno was launched by Merle Robbins, back in 1971 for the social gaming purpose as Uno was a multiplayer game involving so much social interaction, it falls in the same social network category. Is it a co-incidence too or there is something that is hidden beneath the Google buzz logo? To find out, we have to look at what we have got in the defense of Google;

First off, The 4 colors which are used in Google buzz are the primary colors for every logo and Google buzz is not the only one to use them. There have been many companies who have used these primary colors in their logos; Simon (the famous game) and Microsoft are 2 of them. Secondly, the arrangement of colors is different too. Thirdly, the symbol of Google buzz is not a circle but a speech bubble which separates it from the Uno’s logo. And lastly as a strong point, there is no white border used in the Google buzz logo unlike Uno’s logo! Are these points strong enough to defend Google? Or you think Google has copied Uno’s logo?

For me, it’s really hard to believe how a multi billionaire company like Google can copy a logo of someone else. Consequently, in my opinion it’s just a co-incident. What do you think?

General Electric Logo – The Symbol of Innovation

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Imagination at Work: “We turn your dreams into reality”

The great scientist of 19th century Thomas Edison initiated Edison General Electric Light Company in 1890 and brought together his business interests. Later Edison’s General Electric Company merged with Thomson-Houston Electric Company in 1892 and the General Electric Company came into being.

The logo of general electric is quite evolutionary. The first logo of General Electric was designed 100 years before. It was the combination of two cursive letters ‘G’ for General from Edison’s Company and ‘E’ for Electric from Thomson-Houston Company. At first, the logo was used as a badge for the very first electric fan.

Although, the GE logo has undergone minor changes with time but the font size of the logo is yet the same. The circle in the logo was engrossed as the company globalized.

The recent logo of the General Electric has been designed by Wolff Olins who added blue color to the logo to replace black color that was used in all the previous GE logos. The good thing about the current logo is that it justifies the balance principle of a logo design i.e. each of the 4 elements including foreground, colour, cursive letters and the background in the logo design is 25% each.