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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We covered 5 of the greatest logos of WWE pay per view in the previous part of this article. It’s time for more of them, so here we go;

Wrestle Mania, Produced annually in March or April, is considered the flagship event of World wrestling entertainment as it is the most successful and longest-running professional wrestling event in the world. What can we say about a logo or anything related to wrestle mania! Everything is great about it. All of the wrestle mania logos are great as every year wrestle mania came with a new one. I have written an article series covering the legendary wrestle mania and its logos which you can read here.
Survivor series was used to held in November, It was one of the "Big Four", as along with WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and SummerSlam, it was one of the original four annual WWF/E pay-per-views. This logo has a textured type font with two extended “V”. The font colors are the shades of black and white, which are achieved by the graphic gradient tool.

No Mercy was held on May 16, 1999 in Manchester, England. Red colored freaky type fonts (also representing the blood) clearly represents the picture of “no mercy” without any additional symbolization.

Extreme Rules (formerly known as ECW One Night Stand and later One Night Stand) is produced every June. The event was created in 2005. As the name says, “Extreme”, the logo has extreme kind of fonts which don’t interrelate to any decency. Red, white and black, all of the colors make it a great logo.

Cyber Sunday was produced in 2004 and 2005, the event was known as Taboo Tuesday. The concept was to give wrestling fans the opportunity to select the match types and stipulations by voting online. Cyber Sunday’s logo is one of my favorite. Flash symbol on the front that also depicts the letter “S”. Red, black, white and silver, these colors are used in this logo. That represents the cyber Sunday theme in an appropriate manner.

I hope you like how I discussed the WWE PAY PER VIEW logos and all the info related to their events. Have a say by dropping your comments below.

WWE Wrestling PPV Logos- Can You Handle Them? (Part 1)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For many years WWE has been producing so many pay per view events that have been very successful among wrestling fans of all ages. Some of the most famous pay per view events have been Royal Rumble, Extreme Rules, Backlash, Cyber Sunday and Wrestle Mania. Each year, with every WWE pay per view event comes a new logo design. I have gathered the top 10 WWE PPV logos for all of you wrestling fans which will be covered in two parts of WWE wrestling PPV logos article. So here are the first five:

Backlash Logo

Backlash is produced every April. The event was created in 1999, with its inaugural event produced as “In Your House event” in April of that year. The logo has a lightning effect which can also be seen as the electric current. Good use of typography and the letters that have a glow effect look good.

Judgment Day Logo

Judgment day is produced every May and the event was created in 1998. Logo represents the terror of judgment day (the term Judgment day is also known as Day of the Lord in Christian theology, which is the final and eternal judgment by God of all nations). This logo has great use of type fonts in gray and white with the black background.

King Of The Ring Logo (KOR)

KOR was held every year from 1985 to 2002. KOR logo has KING OF THE RING written in white with “KOR” in the back ground with the same color but white border to separate it from the back ground. This was not over the top rope, but was an average one.

No Way Out Logo

No way out was produced every year in February. In its logo, “No” is written in Capital Letters and “way out” in small. Words “No way” are in white color while the “Way” is in red with its “Y” stretched and drawn below the very word “WAY” to represent a “WAY/Path”.

Royal Rumble Logo

Royal rumble is produced every year in early January and the event was created in 1988. This logo is a simple but effective one. It has golden colored elegant type fonts, with an “M” letter in black, quite IMPRESSIVE.
Don’t forget to read the 2nd part of this article next week on this very blog to learn about rest of the 5 WWE PPV logos.

To be continued…


Saturday, May 8, 2010

As I was elucidating about the most famous pro wrestling programs and their logos in the previous part of this article, I will continue from where I left (You may read the previous post wrestling logos part 1). Let’s continue with the next pro wrestling logo:

ROH (Ring Of Honor): ROH is an American professional-wrestling promotion, founded in 2002 by Rob Feinstein. In 2010 ROH became the third-largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States. The ROH logo has the red color too, which again is the symbol of power and attitude with the added black and white colors. The main ROH typography and the slogan of the company are written in the same type font only with a “dimension difference” as ROH has a 3D look. Not an impressive logo, but not too bad.

WCW (World Championship Wrestling): WCW was an American professional wrestling program which existed from 1973 to 2001. Established in Atlanta, Georgia; it began as a regional promotion associated with the National Wrestling Alliance “NWA” (Discussed in the previous part). The WCW logo seems to be the logo from which TNA took an idea of creating their logo.

Why I am saying that the TNA’s logo looks like the WCW because the type font letter’s edges that are extended in a shape of spikes in sideways and downwards and the RED color with black background resembles to the WCW logo in a huge way.

And Last but not the least,

NXT (Next Generation): NXT is a sports entertainment professional wrestling Reality television show created by Vince McMahon, and is a replacement program for ECW on the SyFy Network. Everybody has higher expectations about NXT as the wrestlers who are going to wrestle in NXT will be the guys from FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) that was formed by Vince Mc Mahon and currently working. The logo of NXT is one of the best logos I have ever seen of pro wrestling so far. It has the futuristic look that wrestling fans look for. The grungy effect on the type fonts really look cool, which reminds me of the ECW logo which was wrapped up with barbed wires (discussed in the previous part). The type fonts are bordered with black color which suits the main font’s color. On the top left corner, WWE added their logo to clarify that NXT is their brand and not of some other company.

As a logo designer I cannot deny the fact that these pro wrestling logos are great, and if they weren’t good, why would any of us remember them till now when many of them aren’t even a part of pro wrestling anymore.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What is street fighter? Street fighter is a combination of power, passion, attitude, arrogance and victory. It was the only game that drove me nuts when I was a kid. It had everything that I wanted in a game, whether it was the multi player action, characters stories, or the electrifying boss characters and so on. Over all, it was, and still a complete package.

Now about the street fighter game logos. They were just like the game itself; Stylish, innovative, attention grabbing and extreme. With every street fighter part, came a new logo. But the best part was that none of the logos were similar to the older ones (not even one). It is one of the best qualities of street fighter logos.

There have been many logo versions with each set of street fighter game series such as; EX series, Alpha series, Vs series and more. Every logo had the characteristics of speed, energy and futuristic era. Let’s have the logos now:

Street Fighter (1987)
This was the first logo of the series and was definitely innovative. The red and orange shades of colors depicted the element of fire and force with extremely cool type fonts.

Street Fighter II series (1991–1996)

The second logo had almost the same colors which the previous ones had, but in a reverse manner along with new type fonts. Really eye catching.

Street Fighter Alpha series (1995–1998)

When the alpha series came out, the whole street fighter logo look got changed. Now the orange and yellow colors were replaced with the shades of blue and red with “ALPHA, warrior’s dreams” written with different colors.

Street Fighter EX series (1996–2001)

Again the writing style of the logo was stylishly changed with “EX” written in the background. This time the text “street fighter” was in total blue with a shadow effect and “EX” was in a merged red and yellow color mode.

Street Fighter III series (1997–1999)

This one has the lightning strike font feature which looks too appropriate to the game subject with the “III” written in the background. The colors match with the black background which is the best part of this logo.

Vs. series (1996–2003, 2008)

This is the most unlikely logo series of street fighter because it had so many colors and font styles which look amateur to me at most of the times.

Street Fighter IV series (2008, 2010)

This one has a dark feature involved to it. Mysterious type fonts and colors with black background make it different from the rest of the street fighter logo series.

One of the most mysterious aspects of the street fighter logos is their type fonts. Despite of attempting a lot of research I still couldn’t find the type fonts that were used in these logos. Therefore they are unknown till now but the most similar fonts to the street fighter logos in my opinion are; Informal Roman, Biffo MT, Brush 738, Zombie Guts Yanked Italic and Rapier.

Because of the space limitation I could not include all of the logos of each street fighter series category; however I mentioned the main logos of each series to enlighten the main ideas of the logos. If I succeed in reviving your gaming memories with this piece of writing please drop your comments in.

Nike And Puma Logos That Shook The World With A Controvery

Saturday, April 24, 2010

When Nike launched their new Shoe design in April 1997, world got stunned. Not because it was a great pair of shoes but it had “ALLAH” written on it!

The Controversy began when CAIR objected to a shoe with a design on the heel analogous to the Arabic word for "God" or "Allah."

Many people protested against Nike and pressurized them to withdraw their product from the market or they will ban the entire product line of Nike. According to Muslims Nike tried to abuse Islam by putting Allah’s name on their shoes. Let’s take a look at the shoe and its logo:

Now look at this image in which you can see “Allah” written in Arabic language:

Do you see the similarities? Well, if you ask me that I can see the similarities or not? Quite frankly, I see a lot of them.

Now take a look at the Puma shoe that came out in the market with a similar case to Nike:

If we were to defend Puma for this allegation I would say that this WORD on the shoe isn’t an Arabic word but is of English saying “cool”, because just below the Blue circle you can see the word “you’re” which has an open “O” just like the WORD cool has( or word “Allah” has if we assume ). However, I will leave the decision on you.

This is not the first controversy that held its head, but there have been many just like the Coca Cola where people said that when you look at the Coca Cola logo in the mirror, what you will read is: LA MOHAMMED LA MECCA (in Arabic language), which means NO MUHAMMED, NO MECCA. However it’s not cleared yet whether it was just a controversy or Coca Cola company intentionality made what came out.

Coming back to the topic, Nike has withdrawn this divisive shoe from the market but people won’t forget this incident because it’s related to a very sensitive issue that could bring some serious consequences.

Being a human, I believe that we should respect all of the religions and should not cross our limits. If they aren’t making trouble for us, why should WE? What do you think?

Pro Wrestling Programs And Their Powerful Logos (PART 1)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pro wrestling is all about style and strong attitude. Whether it is the TNA, ROH or WCW, all of the pro wrestling companies put their high-altitude efforts on bringing top notch entertainment to the viewers of wrestling all over the world. Maybe you are wondering why I did not mention the biggest name of wrestling world that is WWE. This is because of the fact that the WWE is not a pro wrestling anymore and based on storylines and highly focused on characterizations of wrestlers (who are more actors rather than wrestlers) which is why it is now called World wrestling “entertainment”.

At the other hand, companies like TNA (Total nonstop action) and ROH (Ring of Honor) are totally based on hardcore fighting and are allowed to use various fighting weapons such as steel chairs, barbed wires, ring steps and more, which is why people are more appealed towards these shows rather than the WWE these days.

When we talk about the wrestling logos, one thing that is common in every wrestling logo is the style and tough look, which can be seen in all of the logos below. However, I would like to mention here that the logos I’m going to show you below, some of them are associated with such companies which are not under operations anymore;

TNA (Total Non Stop Action): one can easily feel the energy from the red color and the edgy type fonts which are tilted sideways in a nice manner. A nice logo of a cracking wrestling program which is working days and nights to compete against their biggest business rival “WWE”.

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling): ECW was previously a highly rated wrestling program because of its free style wrestling rules (in fact there were no rules at all). Looking at its content, the logo is made with the unforgiving barbed wires around the ECW type fonts. A really commendable logo, really close to the meaning of the company.

NWO (New World Order): Established by the legends of wrestling world; Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, NWO was basically a professional wrestling stable that originally wrestled for WCW, and was not a TV program itself. The stable's gimmick was a group of unsanctioned wrestlers aiming to "take over" and control WCW in the manner of a street gang, which can be easily seen by this logo’s Type fonts and shibboleth.Team NWO is currently participating as “The Band” in Total Nonstop Action (TNA).

To be continued…

THE NEW MSN LOGO: Any idea where the butterfly is heading?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Msn logo is linked to my earliest memories as it was associated with the first chatting software that I started to use, called Msn messenger. Also, I remember getting redirected to Msn when signing out from But what else it associates to? Frankly speaking;

As an expectation, Msn was supposed to continue being a part of our social networking activities and to grow up more and more as the technology was going sky high but it didn’t make up to the expectations, and totally lost in the crowed of “upcoming” social networking websites and softwares. Why? Because Msn did not bother to follow up the trends and stuck with the same “I am good” ego.

“Msn was among the Microsoft units hit by companywide layoffs earlier this year, but things have stabilized, I wouldn't say we are growing headcount, but we aren't reducing.” said by MSN general manager Bob Visse himself. What else you expect when a responsible person like Bob Visse is aware of the declination of his company and not taking any actions about making the services better, would he work out on the Msn logo? I don’t think so.

Now talking about their logo, for many years the team of Msn was not in a mood to modify or change it but suddenly they came up with the new logo. As a result, the new Msn logo became a part of criticism by masses as it didn’t lived up to the expectations. In fact, some critics call it a disaster. There are many reasons behind their comments. The foremost reason is the new logo’s type font. The new Msn font looks so skinny compared to the older one with new “gray” color that looks ill to many people.

The other most debatable thing about the Msn logo’s type font is the stems in “m” and “n” which are absurdly short. Why the stems of M and N are too short? Maybe we should ask this to the designer of Msn logo. After the main type fonts, now comes the “TM” part. Can you actually see where it is? No? Look again. Now tell frankly, can you see it? I know, by looking so hard, right! Consequently, the minimal size of the TM letters goes into the negative section of the critique.

Lastly, the butterfly! In the new Msn logo, all we can see now are the wings of a butterfly (which as an edition) look like spotlights more than the butterfly wings. And hey, where did the butterfly’s main body go? Silly, isn’t it?

As an overall package, Msn logo came out as an awful version of the successful old Msn logo.

Spider-Man Logo – The Most Popular Logo Design of 21st Century

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Article title: Spider-Man Logo – The Most Popular Logo Design of 21st Century

Publishing date: November 11th, 2009

Have you ever wondered what is behind the Logo of the spider man? Well, Let us tell you. The Famous logo of Spiderman was conjointly designed by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Spiderman logo has always been featured on the chest of the traditional “red and blue” Spiderman costume.

The Spiderman logo can unambiguously represent the Spiderman personality. It is an artistic image of Spiderman’s speed, agility, attitude, intelligence, and his power to weave spider web.

In the article “spider-man logo”, you can read about the history of Spiderman logo design and the different color transformations that were made as the new Spiderman series parts arrived and how the Spiderman logo became so successful. There is much more in this article for you. You may read this informative article here.

New US defense logo Controversy: Is it a symbolization of the Islamic crescent? Or a threat to Obama Government? (Part 2)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let’s continue our trial to uncover the subliminal elements that are behind the Us defense logo according to the critics.

As mentioned in the previous part of this article, the US defense logo was designed by the TMP Government, a marketing company that manages the websites for numerous Governmental departments. Although this particular design has caught the eyes of critics, but despite of the criticisms and controversies, Collins (The designer of the US defense logo) denied about all the claims that TMP Government had in mind when they produced the governmental branding.

"I wouldn't buy the argument that it's an evolution of the Obama identity," Collins said. "There are similarities but I don't see the genesis in the Obama logo."

The US defense logo caught into controversies because of many reasons, one of them is the circular red, white and blue sign, which has also been compared to the communist hammer and sickle symbol, first appeared on the Missile Defense Agency’s website in the autumn.

The hammer and sickle is a part of communist symbolism and its usage indicates an association with Communism, a Communist party, or a Communist state. It features a hammer and a sickle overlapping each other. The two tools are symbols of the industrial proletariat and the peasantry; placing them together symbolizes the unity between industrial and agricultural workers. This emblem was made during the Bolshevik Revolution.

The hammer and sickle symbol is best known for having been incorporated into the red flag of the Soviet Union, along with the Red Star. It has also been used in other flags and emblems. The symbol is currently outlawed in several countries as a symbol of communism and Soviet occupations.

But Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, dismissed the comparisons. "It's ridiculous," he told Fox News. "It isn't a new logo to replace the official logo. It's a logo developed for recruiting materials and for our public website. Also, it was used prior to the 2008 election and it has no link to any political campaign."

Brian Collins, chairman and chief creative officer at COLLINS, a New York-based design and innovation firm, said the new logo used the "same visual language" as that of the Obama campaign, complete with two circles and three stripes.

"The Obama logo is filled with messages of hope, it's about looking toward an optimistic future," he said. "They've taken those exact elements and they've made them more technical."

The debate about Controversial US defense logo which is being compared to Islamic crescent is endless, and it is really hard to make a conclusion whether the US defense logo unconsciously sends a message that caught the sight of the critics, or there is really a hidden message behind the US defense logo about Obama’s secret evolution!!!

New US Defense Logo Controversy: Is It A Symbolization Of The Islamic Crescent? Or A Threat To Obama Government? (Part 1)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

History has witnessed many logos which were somehow related to controversies. US defense logo is one of them. TMP Government, a marketing company that manages websites for numerous Governmental departments-designed the new US defense logo which caught the eyes of critics of the Obama administration.

The new US defense logo likened to Barrack Obama’s campaign symbol as well as resembling the Islamic flag. According to some people it is apparent that Obama has surrounded himself with socialists/Marxists, as this logo looks eerily like communist propaganda, but the “O” is in place of his picture.

According to the designers, the US defense logo is excerpted from Obama’s campaigning logo, but critiques are critiques, they say that the new Missile Defense Agency logo resembles an Islamic flag’s star & crescent. According to them the logo possesses SECRET OBAMA AGENDA!

Now let’s take a look at Barack Obama’s campaign logo, designed by Sender LLC.

Before I continue with this controversial debate I would like to put a spotlight on the background of Obama’s campaign logo so you can get the clear picture of Obama’s logo message and theme.

Obama’s campaign logo is a great piece of unique artwork, and this entire controversy just ruined the magnificence of the logo. The logo possesses many meaningful qualities which I would like to define in the next lines;

• The O represents Obama and he can use the logo without his name next to it. He’s claiming the O as George W. Bush claimed the W.

• The blue O and the red stripes represent the flag of USA.

• The red stripes represent the plains, the American farmland.

• The O’s whitespace represents the sun, shining over the plains. Because it’s white, it evokes sunrise, not sunset.

So, what the logo is trying to say is that there’s a new morning sun (of hope and change) rising over America, and that Obama is the part of that revolution. I don’t think you can find that level of significance in any other logo, campaign or corporate. The designer of this logo says himself;

"We were looking at the “o” of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day,” Sender continues. “The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope. The design expression was so constrained and so bland for so many years in politics. I think we had a fresh approach because we’d never worked on a campaign before” — and, of course, the power of the logo had a lot to do with the power of the candidate’s message. Source

On the other hand, those who are really conservative, point out that the MDA logo has a strange resemblance to the crescent and star sign that symbolizes Islam, and also that the logo has a strange resemblance to the design of the Iranian Space Agency.

Strange, right! In the next part of this article I’ll continue the debate from where I am leaving.

To discover the obscure elements and the connection between US defense logo, Crescent sign and the Iranian space agency logo visit back in few days.

To be continued…

Did Google buzz plagiarize Uno's logo?

Friday, March 12, 2010

The title of this article surprised you? Well, it is indeed an issue to be surprised. The entire THING about Google and Uno came to my mind all of a sudden when I came back home last night and saw my kids playing Uno. As I was aware of Google buzz services, I got really stunned when my eyes met the logo on one of the cards that were held in my younger kid’s hand, it just looked like the Google buzz logo at the very first sight!!!

As a kid, I always loved playing Uno with my friends and siblings but as I grew up I totally forgot its logo, but at this time I had a flash back which made me realize how much Uno’s logo resembled the Google buzz logo!

The very first thing that makes you think that Google buzz logo is a copy of the Uno logo is its colors. The colors; red, blue, yellow and green are the same colors which are used in Uno’s logo only with a slight difference in the arrangement. And the speech bubble closely resembles the Uno’s logo circle. Is it just a co-incidence or Google deliberately picked up Uno’s logo to use for their brand endorsement?

Google launched Google buzz in the beginning of 2010 for the purpose of social media networking, where as the card game Uno was launched by Merle Robbins, back in 1971 for the social gaming purpose as Uno was a multiplayer game involving so much social interaction, it falls in the same social network category. Is it a co-incidence too or there is something that is hidden beneath the Google buzz logo? To find out, we have to look at what we have got in the defense of Google;

First off, The 4 colors which are used in Google buzz are the primary colors for every logo and Google buzz is not the only one to use them. There have been many companies who have used these primary colors in their logos; Simon (the famous game) and Microsoft are 2 of them. Secondly, the arrangement of colors is different too. Thirdly, the symbol of Google buzz is not a circle but a speech bubble which separates it from the Uno’s logo. And lastly as a strong point, there is no white border used in the Google buzz logo unlike Uno’s logo! Are these points strong enough to defend Google? Or you think Google has copied Uno’s logo?

For me, it’s really hard to believe how a multi billionaire company like Google can copy a logo of someone else. Consequently, in my opinion it’s just a co-incident. What do you think?

General Electric Logo – The Symbol of Innovation

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Imagination at Work: “We turn your dreams into reality”

The great scientist of 19th century Thomas Edison initiated Edison General Electric Light Company in 1890 and brought together his business interests. Later Edison’s General Electric Company merged with Thomson-Houston Electric Company in 1892 and the General Electric Company came into being.

The logo of general electric is quite evolutionary. The first logo of General Electric was designed 100 years before. It was the combination of two cursive letters ‘G’ for General from Edison’s Company and ‘E’ for Electric from Thomson-Houston Company. At first, the logo was used as a badge for the very first electric fan.

Although, the GE logo has undergone minor changes with time but the font size of the logo is yet the same. The circle in the logo was engrossed as the company globalized.

The recent logo of the General Electric has been designed by Wolff Olins who added blue color to the logo to replace black color that was used in all the previous GE logos. The good thing about the current logo is that it justifies the balance principle of a logo design i.e. each of the 4 elements including foreground, colour, cursive letters and the background in the logo design is 25% each.

Valentine Greetings

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google’s Valentine Day Logos

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google celebrates almost all events with its visitors; we have gathered a collection of past 10 years Valentine’s Day Logo Designs of Google.

Let’s have a look how romantic Google has been in past 10 years ;)

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2009

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2008

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2007

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2005

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2004

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2003

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2001

Google’s Valentine Logo in 2000