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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We covered 5 of the greatest logos of WWE pay per view in the previous part of this article. It’s time for more of them, so here we go;

Wrestle Mania, Produced annually in March or April, is considered the flagship event of World wrestling entertainment as it is the most successful and longest-running professional wrestling event in the world. What can we say about a logo or anything related to wrestle mania! Everything is great about it. All of the wrestle mania logos are great as every year wrestle mania came with a new one. I have written an article series covering the legendary wrestle mania and its logos which you can read here.
Survivor series was used to held in November, It was one of the "Big Four", as along with WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and SummerSlam, it was one of the original four annual WWF/E pay-per-views. This logo has a textured type font with two extended “V”. The font colors are the shades of black and white, which are achieved by the graphic gradient tool.

No Mercy was held on May 16, 1999 in Manchester, England. Red colored freaky type fonts (also representing the blood) clearly represents the picture of “no mercy” without any additional symbolization.

Extreme Rules (formerly known as ECW One Night Stand and later One Night Stand) is produced every June. The event was created in 2005. As the name says, “Extreme”, the logo has extreme kind of fonts which don’t interrelate to any decency. Red, white and black, all of the colors make it a great logo.

Cyber Sunday was produced in 2004 and 2005, the event was known as Taboo Tuesday. The concept was to give wrestling fans the opportunity to select the match types and stipulations by voting online. Cyber Sunday’s logo is one of my favorite. Flash symbol on the front that also depicts the letter “S”. Red, black, white and silver, these colors are used in this logo. That represents the cyber Sunday theme in an appropriate manner.

I hope you like how I discussed the WWE PAY PER VIEW logos and all the info related to their events. Have a say by dropping your comments below.


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