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Saturday, May 8, 2010

As I was elucidating about the most famous pro wrestling programs and their logos in the previous part of this article, I will continue from where I left (You may read the previous post wrestling logos part 1). Let’s continue with the next pro wrestling logo:

ROH (Ring Of Honor): ROH is an American professional-wrestling promotion, founded in 2002 by Rob Feinstein. In 2010 ROH became the third-largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States. The ROH logo has the red color too, which again is the symbol of power and attitude with the added black and white colors. The main ROH typography and the slogan of the company are written in the same type font only with a “dimension difference” as ROH has a 3D look. Not an impressive logo, but not too bad.

WCW (World Championship Wrestling): WCW was an American professional wrestling program which existed from 1973 to 2001. Established in Atlanta, Georgia; it began as a regional promotion associated with the National Wrestling Alliance “NWA” (Discussed in the previous part). The WCW logo seems to be the logo from which TNA took an idea of creating their logo.

Why I am saying that the TNA’s logo looks like the WCW because the type font letter’s edges that are extended in a shape of spikes in sideways and downwards and the RED color with black background resembles to the WCW logo in a huge way.

And Last but not the least,

NXT (Next Generation): NXT is a sports entertainment professional wrestling Reality television show created by Vince McMahon, and is a replacement program for ECW on the SyFy Network. Everybody has higher expectations about NXT as the wrestlers who are going to wrestle in NXT will be the guys from FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) that was formed by Vince Mc Mahon and currently working. The logo of NXT is one of the best logos I have ever seen of pro wrestling so far. It has the futuristic look that wrestling fans look for. The grungy effect on the type fonts really look cool, which reminds me of the ECW logo which was wrapped up with barbed wires (discussed in the previous part). The type fonts are bordered with black color which suits the main font’s color. On the top left corner, WWE added their logo to clarify that NXT is their brand and not of some other company.

As a logo designer I cannot deny the fact that these pro wrestling logos are great, and if they weren’t good, why would any of us remember them till now when many of them aren’t even a part of pro wrestling anymore.


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