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WWE Wrestling PPV Logos- Can You Handle Them? (Part 1)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For many years WWE has been producing so many pay per view events that have been very successful among wrestling fans of all ages. Some of the most famous pay per view events have been Royal Rumble, Extreme Rules, Backlash, Cyber Sunday and Wrestle Mania. Each year, with every WWE pay per view event comes a new logo design. I have gathered the top 10 WWE PPV logos for all of you wrestling fans which will be covered in two parts of WWE wrestling PPV logos article. So here are the first five:

Backlash Logo

Backlash is produced every April. The event was created in 1999, with its inaugural event produced as “In Your House event” in April of that year. The logo has a lightning effect which can also be seen as the electric current. Good use of typography and the letters that have a glow effect look good.

Judgment Day Logo

Judgment day is produced every May and the event was created in 1998. Logo represents the terror of judgment day (the term Judgment day is also known as Day of the Lord in Christian theology, which is the final and eternal judgment by God of all nations). This logo has great use of type fonts in gray and white with the black background.

King Of The Ring Logo (KOR)

KOR was held every year from 1985 to 2002. KOR logo has KING OF THE RING written in white with “KOR” in the back ground with the same color but white border to separate it from the back ground. This was not over the top rope, but was an average one.

No Way Out Logo

No way out was produced every year in February. In its logo, “No” is written in Capital Letters and “way out” in small. Words “No way” are in white color while the “Way” is in red with its “Y” stretched and drawn below the very word “WAY” to represent a “WAY/Path”.

Royal Rumble Logo

Royal rumble is produced every year in early January and the event was created in 1988. This logo is a simple but effective one. It has golden colored elegant type fonts, with an “M” letter in black, quite IMPRESSIVE.
Don’t forget to read the 2nd part of this article next week on this very blog to learn about rest of the 5 WWE PPV logos.

To be continued…


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