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Famous Logo Success Stories

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quoting Sol Sender (who led a design team for the Obama 08 famous logo):
“The strongest famous logos tell simple stories.”

WE perceive a sign, an emblem a product brushing it off without realizing the hard work that has been poured in each one of them. Though, some famous logos that have actually with stood the test of time make us all curios to know the story behind their creation and success. How the famous logo did come into existence? When? And who was behind the artistic creation?

Here are some really interesting success famous logo stories of the

1. FedEx

This famous logo for Federal Express was designed by the well know designer Walter Landor of Germany who died in 1995. On the suggestion of the designer the company shortened the name from Federal Express to the syllabic abbreviation Fed Ex by which it is known today all over the world. On a closer look at the famous logo you will see the well defined font used to speak of the professional attitude of the company. Though the famous logo may appear rather simple on a closer look you will see the negative space arrow between “E” and “X” as pointing forward movement. Much symbolic of how federal express has been moving forward from the time of its inception and not looking back. The brand is so well known and so extensively used that people refer to mailing as “I’ll FedEx you the documents”. An interesting affirmation of that being constant references to Fed Ex made in Hollywood movies like Cast Away, Cheaper by the dozen, I Robot and Run Away Bride.

2. Domino's Pizza

Dominoes Pizza founded by Tom Monaghan, currently boasts about 8,500 corporate and franchised stores in 55 countries, including all 50 US states is the second-largest pizza chain behind Pizza Hut in the United States. Probably everybody around the world recognizes the blue and red famous logo of Dominoes pizza. Sporting with the colours of the United States Flag the two dominos may appear symbolic of the name, but very few know that the
“The three dots on a Domino’s Pizza box represent the first three Domino’s stores. Monaghan had planned to add another dot for each new restaurant that opened, but given the rapid rate at which Domino’s opened new stores, that quickly became impractical.”


The famous Apple famous logo has many stories attached to it. Which makes it probably the most discussed famous logo after Nike’s Swoosh and Mac Donald’s “M”. Primarily the first association any one could think of is biblical, where apple represents the unreachable fruit of Knowledge. Though, the apple famous logo has seen through evolution

With the first famous logo designed by Ronald Wayne showed a complex caricature of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, associated with the discoveries that followed by Sir Isaac Newton after the falling of an apple from the historical apple tree. The famous logo inscribed: “Newton…A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought…Alone”

Though it was soon replaced by Rob Janoff’s “Rainbow apple” referred to as “the most expensive bloody famous logo ever designed” by the President of Apple.

The bite on the apple referring to the bite/ byte pun, (Apple’s famous logo then was a byte into the apple). Some also say that the bite pays homage to the mathematician Alan Turing, father of modern computing, who committed suicide by eating an apple he had laced with cyanide. The Rainbow Apple's base structure became the template for Apple's current famous logos

4. Adidas

The Adidas famous logo, one of the most recognizable famous logos of the world was created by founder of the company Adi Dassler, appearing first in 1971. There are millions of things that can be said about the famous logo and multiple interpretations can be ascribed to it. Though the simple fact is that the three stripes designed in a shape of the mountain to speak of the determined attitude of the company to overcome any uphill task and challenges ahead. Adidas now enjoys the position of being the second largest sport retailer in the world.

5. BMW

The BMW’s famous logo has been around from a while. People presumed that the BMW famous logo shows a rotating propeller though later it was revealed by the BMW authorities that the famous logo has nothing to do with a propeller. The checkered blue and white design is taken from the Bavarian flag, the German state home to BMW.

6. Nokia:

Who in the world cannot recognize what a Nokia is? The Nokia brand, valued at $34.9 billion, is listed as the fifth most valuable global brand in the Inter brand/Business Week Best Global Brands list of 2009 (first non-US company).It is the number one brand in Asia (as of 2007) and Europe (as of 2008).People often wondered what is the story behind the first Nokia Company famous logo.

In 1865, Knut Fredrick Idestam established a wood-pulp mill in Tampere, south-western Finland. It took on the name Nokia after the mill was moved to Nokianvirta River in the town of Nokia. Probably that’s what the first Nokia famous logo depicts. The word Nokia in Finnish means a dark furry animal recognized as Pine Warten Weasel. The second showed the text branded, the third one with the arrows depicted communication, until finally evolving into the Nokia connecting people famous logo we recognize.

Hope you savoured the remarkable stories of these some of the very famous brands and companies that are recognized world wide just by a glimpse of their logos. You can leave back some comments if you enjoyed reading!


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