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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fashion industry has seems to be growing very rapidly with the time and reflects the changing trends of society. In addition, in today’s competitive scenario, there are certain famous brands that are topping up the market and they are bringing a fresh lease of hope and creativity in the popularization of the upcoming fashion liabilities. In which some fashion logos design are standing out of them all and achieved the worldwide reorganization. These “fantastic three” are the best logos design, bundling with scintillating style, glamor and never ended fashion tweaking attitude. These are the logos of the biggest success giants of the fashion industry and their logos are known as a symbol of trust, ambiance and guarantee.

Gianni Versace is one of the most famous fashion clothing brands, and it’s a professional logo design anchoring Greek mythology within it; Medusa is a main character used with a snake entwined on her head. Medusa means the epitome of fatal attraction, and the logo turns into a biggest and classical success as it grabs the buyer’s attention in coming into the stores. The logo defines the history and seduction. It projects Versace as a glamorous and beautiful clothing range brand through the world. In addition, logo design uniqueness is making differ from others. This logo branding gives the brand an archetypal yet edgy image that is appreciated by fashion lovers of all ages and lifestyles.

Polo Ralph Lauren represents a large clothing line with lots of fame attached to it because of its stylish and modernizes fashionable clothes. Among the custom logos design, polo is wearing one of its kind in which a polo player is on his horse in the middle of the game and his hand is off for a shot a polo stick. The only word, which eludes after seeing that beautiful creation, is OUTSTANDING. Polo has its own mark in the brand market and usually there exclusive design shirts are the most popular with embarking bold logo on the front making the person full of pride. If you want to see a effective logo branding design then polo is one of the best examples.

Lacoste is one of the oldest and most fashionable companies started with the clothing brand then after that they make their mark in many more accessories like shoes wear, perfumes, leather goods etc. Their brand logo is its main identity, which grabbing the viewers attention from decades. The professional design logo is displaying a picture of a crocodile in a very wild and angry mood, opening its mouth all over to bite you hard. It has its own extraordinary attraction, which makes the buyer a style, a sense of aggression and a worth of the product. There has been a controversy on its resembling logo with Crocodile garments but they have won that case in 2003 and now they leading the fashion industry with a charm.


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