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Hotel Logos – Logo Designs for the Hospitality Industry

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hotels are considered to provide accommodation with comfort, luxury, recreation and fulfillment to their clients / guests. Many hotels stand out for their names which have become reputable brands in the hospitality industry and their logos designs share equal fame. So how does a logo design impact the brand identity of a hotel and what should a hotel logo design be like?

Logos designs reflect the nature and values of any business and the hospitality industry has an extra mile to go as it carries the element of responsibility along with regular business features. All these features need to be part of the hotel logo design in order to make a lasting impact on the clients.

A hotel logo design needs to be soothing to the eyes of its potential clients. Most hotel logos designs show their names in a variety of type styles and colors. Also there are a number of hotel logos that present graphic images with their names as part of the logo design. The images in hotel logos designs depict either cultural values or a manifestation of the name itself. Whichever the case maybe, a hotel logo design should have relaxing effect upon the eye of the viewer.

The choice of color is another important aspect for a hotel logo design. It is essential for the colors used in a hotel logo design to produce a calming effect and the use of irritating colors should be avoided at any cost.

The fonts used in hotel logos designs are seen to be simplistic yet modish in style. This is the correct technique to be used as chic and grandeur are key elements of a hotel logo design.

Along with color, font style and cultural themes, a hotel logo design should have an air of warmth about it. Warmth denotes kindness and sincerity which are essential parts of the hospitality industry and should be evidently used in hotel logos designs.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.


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