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Logo Designing For the Automotive Industry Is Cheeky Business – Top Automobile Logos Designs

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Logo designing for the automobile industry is cheeky business. If we look at some of the world’s most famous automobile logos designs, we might see that they have been created keeping brand image in view. These logos designs include text based logos designs, text cum icons, individual icons, images, silhouettes and symbols etc.

The Volkswagen logos designs

These have been the most popular German automobile logos designs in the world and people from almost every nationality recognize the VW logos design at first glance.

The BMW Logos Designs

The BMW logos design is another highly recognised German automobile logos design renowned worldwide.

The Ford Logos Design

Ford is quite popular in the world and its logos design is also among easily recognisable logos designs of the industry.

Audi Logos Design

Audi is quite known in Europe and is amongst the top automobile logos designs.

Chevrolet Logos Design

Chevrolet is a very common logos design in the United States of America.

Honda Logos Design

Honda is one of Japans leading automobile brands and its signature logos design falls among top 10 easily recognisable logos designs worldwide.

Toyota Logo Design

Toyota is no doubt a very famous Japanese brand and the logos design is familiar in almost every country.

Suzuki Logos Design

The Suzuki Logos design is quite well known throughout the world among other top Japanese makes.

Mercedes Benz Logos Design

Mercedes Benz is a very famous brand and its logos design is commonly known by all and sundry.

The Fiat Logos Design

Fiat is Italy’s most famous car brand and the logos designs it has are very well known in the world.

Citroen Logos Design

Citroen is a very famous French brand and the logos design is famed to be among top highly renowned automobile logos designs of the world.

Austin Mini Logos Design

Austin Mini logos design is a highly famous British automobile logos design and is recognised by millions in the world.

These were only a few automobile logos designs mentioned for you quick info. A more detailed review of the world’s most renowned automobile logos designs will follow in due course.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.


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