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Why is it important to have a Unique Corporate Identity for your Business?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you ever wondered why brand managers and the company media representatives keep stressing on the importance of having a professional logo design to bank on? Is the hype about getting a custom design logo justified?

Well that pretty much explains its significance doesn’t it? A logo of a company is a face to the organization. Like a mark of identification or recognition. There might be many upstart look alike or sound alike of your company but what makes it stand out is its logo.

Living in this competitive corporate world none of us can deny either the significance of branding or the importance of a professional logo design in carrying forward a company’s image. None of us can deny to have wished for a fancy pair of Gucci glasses or deny the impact of the Nike “tick” sign on the pair of shoes you received as a gift. Whether or not we can tell that the “tick” sign actually represents the wing of goddess of victory, we can not nonchalantly brush off its important impact on us.

Having a cheap logo can cost you a lot than you think. This can be explained through a common place analogy. Did you in any language centre happen to meet a wailing bellowing ill mannered receptionist speaking in a cockney accent? Of course not! Though the receptionist may not be an integral part of the company she definitely represents a part of what the company has to offer.

Logo, of course, is a hall mark representing your business in-depth insight, or to simply to put it your aesthetic taste in putting forward your product.

Unfortunately there are some who completely deny the importance of logo in branding and forming a favorable brand image. It’s like denying the fact that advertising matters or to deny that most of the humans are NOT visual learners.

Whether or not you remember the name of the nice woman you met on subway you will definitely remember if she was a brunette or a blonde or any other physical feature. I hope that is convincing enough!

Logo is the common thread that binds all the varying products associated with the same company. Once you get your right one designed obviously pertaining to the kind of product you are selling you will definitely make a mark in the memory traces of the customers who are bombarded with advertisements and suffer from short term memory!

If you are still not convinced about the impact and important of professional logo design try replacing your sub standard one with a custom logo design and you will see for your self!


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