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Importance Of Signage In A Car Wash Business

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am a great fan of signage. My own experience is that there is no superior method to advertise your wash than via signage. Signage will assist a good site show up from all the “noise” in a local shopping region and will also considerably assist a location that is hidden or missing a few other good characteristics. I am also a great fan of programmable LED signage. It is amongst the easiest and most effectual advertising that I use. You will observe in my financial plan that the monthly rent cost for the backing of my LED signage takes up approximately 1/4 of my complete annual promotion budget. My LED signage is about 4'x8' sign and one sided programmable full color that is positioned in a technique that all the traffic that goes west on the highway in front of me observes my symbol. I only employ a one side sign because my site is just on the top of a small mount and the visibility is only excellent for traffic going west. My wash is also situated directly crosswise the lane from a McDonald’s. I guess that at least 800 vehicles get through the drive through at McDonald’s every day. There additional features to signage that gives it more value than a lot of other forms of marketing counting the following:

Your signage can assist you in your branding exertions. Using reliable corporation colors, logo for car wash and other visible characteristics will assist your clients recognize with all of your additional advertising exertions.

1. Your signage will assist you make the most of impulse purchasers.

2. Your signage can aid you show up in a busy shopping region.

3. Your signage assists prospective customers to recognize with your offer.

4. Programmable LED signage will assist you with continuing advertising of your numerous offerings and aid you communicate a tone of a quality offer.

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