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How To Set Up A Mobile Wash & Wax Business

Monday, November 12, 2012

As said by the investigation group IBISWorld, the car wash, detail and wax business accounted for over $8 billion in income in 2008. Opening a mobile wash and wax will assist you get your fair proportion of the industry, if you make an effort and ready for your business. A mobile wash and wax takes the problem away from customers desire to get their cars washed; you reach to them, make their lives easier and make yourself a living.


1. Pop in some experts in the automotive detail business. Learn in so far as you can regarding correct washing and waxing methods if you are not already a professional in the area.

2. Discuss with your native tax authority for any licensing rules. You will most likely be needed to apply for a common business license and there might be other licenses necessary in your field for washing cars.

3. Buy a motor vehicle which is appropriate for dragging a small trailer. Have custom labels carrying your mobile car wash logo, motto and phone number created for the vehicle to advertise your business. It is also an excellent initiative to promote your basic wash fee. Traffic going by you on the highway can be fruitful advertising viewers.

4. Buy a gas pressure washer and a little trailer for moving it. Electric pressure washers might be inopportune for your business. A gas pressure washer with a cistern will permit you to transport water for washing, rather than looking for an obtainable water source at every job place.

5. Buy detail materials, such as wax compounds and a buffer. A professional automotive soap concentrate is suggested, instead of the store-bought soaps.

6. Start marketing and advertising your business. The basic objective is to develop customers large enough to break away from marketing and only depend on word-of-mouth and replicate business, but you will probably need to promote your business at the start. Television and newspapers are outstanding ways if you can pay for them.

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