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Five Entities That You Don’t Not Know About Car Logo Designs

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nowadays there are many cars which belong to distinct brands. Every car brand also publishes distinct car designs. That is why we are swamped by a vast flotilla of cars which belongs to distinct organizations. Car logo designs make a difference between car brands and models in the marketplace.

The term logo is a Greek word "logos" which implies "word". Car logos are symbols that are designed exclusively to symbolize a corporation or a product. These logo designs are put and entrenched in every mind of the customers that is why every lavish, striking, remarkable and most recent car is easily recognized with their logos only. Here are several well-known car logo designs and how they are designed.

Audi logo is comprised of four rings which symbolize the association of four self-governing car organizations that is, Audi, Wanderer, Horch and the DKW. Their combination gave birth to the brand name Audi AG. Audi is a Greek term which implies "hear".

BMW logo is the contraction of Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Company when interpreted in English. Its logo is comprised of four quadrants of blue and white colors. This symbolizes a plane propeller which turns contrary to the blue sky.

The Ford Logo was designed by Harold Wills, the right hand of Henry Ford. When he was inquired to design the logo, he just inserted a font design which he utilized on his business cards. In the long run, they inserted an elliptical form into the font and in the year 1927, it was altered into a dark blue color.

Peugeot Justin Blazer was the person who designed the Peugeot logo in 1847. The Peugeot logo which has a picture of a lion was based on the ensign of the district Franche-Comte. The logo was printed on their kitchen tools, which were their primary product. This is to indicate high-class steel. Armand was the person who is concerned in car manufacturing business, and it took him 12 years to induce his relatives that cars are excellent money creator. Subsequently they permitted him to employ the Peugeot logo.

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