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The Very Basic and Most Popularly Used Logo Design Trends 2010

Monday, March 19, 2012


The use of text as fraction of a visual Logo design 2010 has become more significant than ever. Not just the name of the corporation must be spelled out, but there are other important points of significance as well—what the customer makes, the slogan, the site, the founding date, the point of separation. Even when this additional text is not included, the word mark and the representation at the very least need a lock-up to describe a visual relationship between the two. A lock-up is always a complementary act that respects the needs of both rudiments. Enlarging the pair in an effort to make the word mark larger can make the figure too large. Reducing the symbol to a more meek size will make the word mark unreadable.

Flat outlines forms, whether see-through or solid, that has been extruded automatically to give measurement.


Imagine the surface of a symbol covered with arithmetical transparent facets, layered together like the panels of a coverlet.


Points on a symbol are allowed to trickle and stretch away from the main shape, as if gravity was for the time being turned off.


Graphics or halftone imagery is warped as if looking at a mirror image in a fun-house mirror. Every now and then the inventive image is more or less lost when contortion is compounded.

Rain bowed:
Any application of the full-color spectrum rotation on an emblem is the basic tool of this technique. Over and over again this occurs when the mark creates a wreath-like effect and the color is able to circle back into itself.

Spiro gram:

A mark crafted of many recurring very thin lines, but not essentially like the rosettes created by a Spiro graph. The number of lines helps create the bunch of the logo.
These Logo design trends 2010 were very popular among the designers.
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