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Logo Design Tutorial Will Help You in Getting the Perfect Design

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here is a simple Logo design tutorial:

1. Start by thinking of a couple of terms, ideally that are the contradictory or very different from each other.

2. Quickly come up with each remark – using mind mapping methods.

3. You can do this by starting with your statement written in the center of the sheet and then spring off of that other connected words. You can also attempt other imaginative techniques to produce more ideas.

4. Take these words and draw them very basically on a piece of paper or type them in on the PC if you wish.

5. Now by adding just one or two designs or lines make these terms have some similarity or association to what they appear.

6. These do not require to be polished; they can just be very rough and imprecise. You are merely using this work out to work out the logo ideas for your own advantage, just as a graphic designer would generate rough ideas that the customer would never see before they moved on to the more refined options they would present.

7. Replicate the exercise above to see how many alternatives you can create. As a slight discrepancy, attempt to use just the first letter of the words in the identical way.

8. Take your favorite logo choices, scan them into your PC and have a go at working them up by means of a vector program such as illustrator.

9. Don’t worry about using fancy fonts. This gives you a reduced amount of time to worry about and allows you to focus on the shapes. When you get more skilled you can experiment with fonts. Start in black and white and simply when you are completely content you can choose then to use one or two colors.

This 3d logo design tutorial will help you in getting the perfect design.
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