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Logo Design Quotation Selection Can Make or Break a Logo Design

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Logos that rely on color should also be avoided, because they misplace all of their impact when printed in black-and-white. The use of color in symbol design is not essentially bad; however, the color must not be the only source of visual attention. The Logo budget, lines and fonts used in the logo must also catch the eye.

Logo design quotation selection can make or break a logo design. The most common mistake in regard of fonts is using too many typescripts in a single design. This projects disorder and disunity, and can make the logo content very difficult to read. Fonts are critical to the overall success of a logo and must be chosen with tremendous care. An otherwise excellent logo can be completely derailed by use of a typescript that does not project the image the logo is supposed to communicate. For example, an otherwise efficient hospital Logo budget design will appear disorganized and unprofessional if it contains fonts such as Comic Sans.

Logos must not replicate other logos. The goal is to expand a design that is instantly recognizable to customers and conveys the qualities the company wants to communicate. Logos that are enormously similar to others are less probable to catch the eye and make it harder for viewers to make a split-second connection between the emblem and the firm behind it.

It is a grave mistake to hire amateur designers or outsource logo design to a "budget" conniving firm. The saying "you get what you pay for" is absolutely true. A balanced,professionally designed insignia costs more than a design whipped up by a questionable, bargain-basement designer, but the qualified logo will be more effective and serve its planned purpose for far longer than inexpensive alternatives.
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