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Three Categories Of Business Logo Designers Or Services

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To get a high-end logo design one has to invest a lot into it. That is probably a myth because you can get an exceptional corporate identity even from a student graphic designer. I think, it depends on the creativity of business logo designers that determine their expertise in the field.

Normally, the business logo designers or companies are categorized into three groups and that are:

1-Large size companies:

They may charge you higher than you think. These companies have set very high standards for them and their name is the big name in market. They have hundreds of designers and let many minds work on the same project at a time which increases the productivity and creativity. They have every reason to charge you more. They can charge you from $ 5000 to $ 25, 000.

2-Midsized companies:

You will find them in a huge number as they cater small business owners that are in a huge quantity in the world. They may charge you anywhere from $ 59 to $1000. Due to the range of packages, big companies often prefer hiring them as well. Moreover, they are very much serious about customer satisfaction as well.

3-Small companies:

Small companies charges so low that anyone can afford them but there is no guarantee of exceptional design concepts. You may even not get a quality logo design out of the small company logo designers. You will surely end up on a logo design that isn’t according to your business requirements at all.

Thereby, the preceding categories are given to underline how many types are there as far as the budget is concerned. There are other options as well that may lead you to get your corporate identity.


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