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7 Key Things You Should Know About Logo Jpeg!

Monday, May 2, 2011

You have been using logo jpeg for years and still you don’t know what is it all about? If that’s the case then you must continue reading the following article to get all the answers. Lets discuss it from the word go. It is basically a file format named after the committee,” Joint Photographic Expert Group” officially released in the year 1992.

JPEG was first introduced with a view to provide a compression mechanism but there are other features associated with it as well which are as follows:

1-It provides more than 16 million color palettes that help in demonstrating a picture perfect image, this is why; it is said that it is best to be used for images and pictures where quality should never be compromised.

2-The ability of storing 24 bits-per-pixel makes it even more useful which again ensures to deliver a better quality picture.

3-It is the best option when one wants to compress either full color or grey scale graphical images.

4-It has a unique quality of compressing an image in accordance with the human eye compatibility

5-The best thing about this file format is that it is supported by every graphic design software, web browser and web application. This quality makes it even more favorite of every graphic designer.

6-It renders such a large compression ratio that transferring files become much easier.

7-There are three file formats that are offered by this file format which are:


Hence, there are other benefits as well of logo jpg that you must know as well but it is crucial that you first undergo the above told major features of logo jpeg. This will aid you in deciding which file format will be useful for you.


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