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Is Logo Design Process Always Same?

Monday, April 25, 2011

There is a whole logo design process through which the logo goes in step by step manner so that the end material is perfect. The logo design process may vary from company to company with little difference but all in all, it is meant to provide a perfect brand recognition device in the end.

This is why; professional graphic designers prefer using the logo design process to come up with the brand mark identity that look perfect from every angle in the end. Therefore, it is not merely a small pictorial representation but a whole brand identity that serves as a brand ambassador for a company that is always present there to speak on the behalf of your company, SILENTLY!

There are many steps involved in the design process from creative brief to research process that may take days to the initial draft etc. Sometimes, the steps get changed as well as per the logo requirements of a client. For example, some companies offer unlimited revisions for the logos so that the client is fully satisfied in the end. This way, their logo design process may be totally different from the company who do not offer the unlimited revisions package. This is why; there are no universal rules regarding the logo design process.

This process may be long for a huge company that offers various packages while it may be very short for small companies. Hence, we can say that it depends on how things are practically implemented. Sometimes, small graphic designers that are working on their own might deliver the corporate identity in just a day or two. For him the logo design process might only consist of two or three steps.

Therefore, we can say that there are no rules when we talk about logo design process at large.


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